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AFTC Automotive SilverTapes show excellent adhesion to automotive carpaints and clearcoats as well as a wide variety of polymers used in automotive exterior bonding.


AFTC® Automotive SilverTape™

AFTC SilverTapes are widely used in the modern day automotive industry. Ten years ago, applications were bonded by traditional attachment methods like rivets, screws, clips or welding. Today, 90% of these applications have been substituted by adhesives and in particular acrylic foam tapes due to their specific performance characteristics.

The Automotive market can present a variety of challenges when trying to find the right acrylic foam tape to bond various polymers to painted metals. The type of plastic used for the manufacturing of the parts, in combination with the clearcoat finish of the car, requires a certain type of adhesive system. The thickness of the chosen adhesive depends, besides on the materials, on the length of the bond, the design and the stress levels endured by the parts. The surface tension of a substrate(s) may require you to prep the surface(s) in the form of plasma, corona treatment or, a liquid primer.  Liquid primers, otherwise known as adhesion promoters are applied to the materials in order to help to increase the surface energy of the substrates providing better overall bonding characteristic’s. 

AFTC® High Conformable SilverTapes

For long bond lines and uneven applications the new range of AFTC High Conformable (HC) SilverTapes offers outstanding bonding characteristics. The new HC core is a soft closed cell acrylic core giving the products more flexibility in areas where this is needed. Mainly larger exterior part like rocker panels, spoiler and roof moulding benefit from the characteristics of these products. The new HC products are standard available in 1,1mm and 1,5mm thickness.

AFTC® Heat Activated SilverTape

When bonding to soft EPDM sponge rubber, we offer our AFTC Heat Activated SilverTapes. The AFTC HA SilverTapes consists of a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive on one side and a specially formulated hot melt rubber adhesive on the other.  The hot melt heat has no adhesion qualities until activated by a heat source.  Once the heat is introduced, it is laminated to the EPDM sponge rubber where a structural bond is achieved.  The other side utilizes our traditional AFTC SilverTape.  EPDM is one of the more difficult substrate to bond to where most traditional adhesive systems have been unable to provide the necessary adhesion.  However, with the AFTC Heat Activated products you will see a strong and secure bond every time.  

Typical applications where AFTC SilverTapes are utilized in Automotive are; door trims, body side mouldings, roof trims, roof ditch mouldings, emblems, shark fin antennas, spoilers, treat plates, weather seals etc… and many more.

For smaller volume trim applications AFTC will offer slit rolls in the desired width with our standard lengths of 33 or 66 meters or longer. For high volume (automated) trim applications we offer spool rolls  with lengths up to 1500 meters.  The overall length for spools will be dependent on the type of adhesive, the final width and lastly, the total  thickness. AFTC is also able to offer a wide variety of custom designed die-cuts. We work in close cooperation with our converters / partners, to provide any form, shape and size to meet our customers’ needs.

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SilverTape™ is AFTC® Group’s registered trademark and is AFTC® Group’s core product. SilverTapes are double sided viscoelastic 100% acrylic Foam tapes (AFT).

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