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AFTC SilverTapes can be used for structural glazing and cladding applications, offering unrivaled advantages over traditional bonding methods.

Building & construction
Building & construction


AFTC® Extreme SealingTape 25-series

AFTC’s Extreme SealingTape is a single sided high performance acrylic based adhesive tape. This conformable tape is especially designed for difficult sealing applications. The ionomer backing on this extreme sealing tape is very tough, flexible, abrasion resistant and paintable, which makes this tape easy to use in all different kinds of applications. This single-sided tape is neutral translucent and especially designed to seal an existing joint or seam. The adhesive has been designed so that overlapping tape joints can be made while maintaining a strong seal. In combination with a primer this SilverTape family guarantees excellent adhesion performance even on low surface energy substrates.


Structural Glazing & façade building

Since the mid 90’s adhesive systems have been used in structural glazing. However, prior to the 90’s mechanical fixtures were used primarily in the structural glazing markets. Besides the obvious aesthetic advantage that adhesives offer, there a many advantages over traditional bonding. In traditional glazing facades, the fixtures were put through the glass. This meant holes had to be drilled through the glass creating a number of challenges. Besides the obvious risk of the glass breaking, the integrity of the glass façade was compromised and the glass panels could lose its resistance to water and moisture. Rubbers seals around the fixture area became dried out and rotted.

You had two adhesive systems to choose from; silicones and acrylic foam tapes. Both these systems offer the same advantages over mechanical fixtures, however, they differ from one another in many ways.

Both adhesive systems offer the flexibility and bonding strength to handle situations where the bond will see high wind loads or even the stresses produced by earthquakes. However, acrylic foam tapes offer several advantages over silicones. Besides the aesthetics’ that AFTC SilverTapes provides because  of the narrow and straight bond line SilverTape also offers significant cost reductions. In addition, AFTC’s customers have realized significant increases in productivity due to the production speed increases, no drying times, less debris, no necessary spacers and an overall improvement in productivity.

Products: SGG, SGW, SGB

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Structural Glazing applications are typically high profile buildings and structures. Because of the obvious risks involved, AFTC’s customers can apply for a warranty. Approval of the warranty will come from AFTC Head office.  To obtain a warranty, customer will need to follow the following steps as shown in the Warranty Business Map;

When all steps are fulfilled and the required paperwork has been arranged, AFTC will grant a written warranty on the application. For more information concerning warranties in structural glazing, please contact your AFTC Representative.

The difference between structural glazing and façade panels is the material the panel is made of Structural glazing panels are made of glass, whereas facades can be made of different materials. In most cases, an aluminium composite or sandwich panel is used but wood or plastic can also be used in the manufacturing of these panels. The requirements to obtain a warranty for facades are the same as Structural Glazing applications

Products: SC12G, SC12W, SC12B

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Partitioning & doors

In modern day architecture and project development, office buildings are completed without an actual floor plan. Except for units like kitchens and   restrooms,  there is limited construction of the interior walls to offer the eventual buyer or tenant maximum flexibility for the final design of the office floor.

Offices, conference rooms and other designated areas are separated using partitioning walls. These walls typically consist of a glass panel bonded to a (painted) aluminium or steel frame. The application is very similar to the Structural Glazing applications but because of the interior use, the risks and stresses on the bonds are significantly less.

The principles are basically the same for the production of doors; a panel (composite, wood, plastic etc,) is bonded to a steel or aluminium frame.

Products: 5355, 5356, 5357

Click here for the AFTC SilverTape Technical Datasheets

Building & construction

Structural Glazing


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SilverTape™ is AFTC® Group’s registered trademark and is AFTC® Group’s core product. SilverTapes are double sided viscoelastic 100% acrylic Foam tapes (AFT).

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