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Road signs or large commercial signs, AFTC SilverTapes are up to the task. Because of the stability and durability AFTC SilverTape is the perfect product to aid in the construction of your sign or to hang it.


Road signs are in most cases, made of an aluminium sheet or sandwich panel bonded to a steel frame. In the past, rivets were used to attach the panels to the frames. Because of the two different metals being used and the rivets being pressed through the materials, bi-metal corrosion was very common. Using AFTC SilverTape offers an excellent solution for this problem by forming a barrier between the frame and the sheet. In addition other advantages included increases in productivity and aesthetic improvements compared to the many visible rivets in the past.

Commercial signage on the other hand must present more “aesthetic value” and therefore in many applications customers use the AFTC translucent materials on substrates like polycarbonate, PMMA or polyester. The combination of bonding to these types of materials and attempting to meet the demands of our customers to ensure invisibility of the tape,  has been a quite a challenge. However, AFTC’s transparent SilverTapes have proven to be an excellent solution. These “optically clear” high performance tapes utilize a relatively soft core and therefore are extremely conformable to ensure a good adhesion. 




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SilverTape™ is AFTC® Group’s registered trademark and is AFTC® Group’s core product. SilverTapes are double sided viscoelastic 100% acrylic Foam tapes (AFT).

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