Velcro® Brand Alfa-Lok®

AFTC® SilverTapes are being used in partnership with Velcro® Companies to power their new technology called Velcro® Brand Alfa-Lok®. This system combines Velcro®’s many years of experience in the field of hook and loops with AFTC®’s SilverTapes.

Velcro® Brand Alfa-Lok®

Due to the strong engagement of the mushroom the Alfa-Lok®  creates a very strong bond which can be opened many times. The AFTC® SilverTapes™ ensures that the bond between the surface and the Alfa-Lok® is so strong that the even under high stress and loads the Alfa-Lok® will continue preforming and open and closes accordingly.

The Alfa-Lok® products are very suitable for applications which need position and repositioning abilities, multiple open and closure actions (panels), a high load hook and loop alternative. The AFTC® Acrylic Foam Tapes (AFT) enable the Alfa-Lok® products to bond to various surfaces like: (powder coated) Aluminum, PVC, Glass, many plastics (PP, PE, PP/EPDM, POM, EPDM ASA, ABS, etc..)

The Alfa-Lok® products are being used in Various applications:


Building and construction

  • Internal partitioning 
  • Fixing of devices
  • Roofing



  • Internal roofing
  • Flooring
  • Fixing of devices 



  • Panels in trains/buses


Velcro® brand Alfa-Lok® Technical Datasheets

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SilverTape™ is AFTC® Group’s registered trademark and is AFTC® Group’s core product. SilverTapes are double sided viscoelastic 100% acrylic Foam tapes (AFT).

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