The all new Automotive SilverTape 1000HC-Series

The all new Automotive SilverTape 1000HC-Series


AFTC® SilverTape™ Primerless 1000HC-Series

The new SilverTape AM 1000HC -serie is a High Conformable tape for LSE applications. In many cases the primer can be eliminated in your process. For long bond lines and uneven applications the new range of AFTC High Conformable (HC) SilverTapes offers outstanding bonding characteristics. The new HC core is a soft closed cell acrylic core giving the products more flexibility in areas where this is needed. The new HC products are standard available in 0,8 mm - 1,1mm - 1,5mm thickness

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SilverTape™ is AFTC® Group’s registered trademark and is AFTC® Group’s core product. SilverTapes are double sided viscoelastic 100% acrylic Foam tapes (AFT).

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